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Dr. Diane L Moore

Diane L. Moore is the faculty director of Religion and Public Life at Harvard Divinity School, a senior fellow at the Center for the Study of World Religions, and a Faculty Affiliate of the Middle East Initiative. She focuses her research on enhancing the public understanding of religion through education from the lens of critical theory. She is currently serving as the Principal Investigator for both the Religion, Conflict and Peace Initiative in partnership with the Kennedy School of Government and the Religious Literacy and the Professions Symposium Series.

Dr. Michael D. Waggoner

Dr. Michael D. Waggoner is a Senior research Scholar with the Institute for Religion and Education at the University of Northern Iowa where he taught the past 32 years. Since 2000, he has served as Editor of the peer-reviewed journal, Religion & Education and in 2001 also became Editor of the book series for Routledge Research in Religion & Education.

Dr. Andrew Henry

Andrew Mark Henry is a scholar of late antique Mediterranean religion and the producer of the religious literacy YouTube Channel Religion for Breakfast. He currently serves as a postdoctoral fellow at the American Research Center in Egypt working on a project about Coptic Christianity. He also serves as a fellow at the Center for Mind and Culture working on projects about improving the public's understanding of religion and examining how disinformation about religion spreads on social media platforms. 

Dr. Alice W. Y. Chan

W.Y. Alice Chan, Ph.D., has worked in multinational for-profits, and international religious and non-religious non-profits. These experiences inform her work at the Centre for Civic Religious Literacy (CCRL) and raise her desire to foster religious literacy among professionals - an understanding that was lacking in her cooperate environments. As the executive director and co-founder of the CCRL, her work is also inspired by her teaching experience as a middle school teacher, McGill University and OISE/University of Toronto lecturer, her research on religious bullying, religious literacy and religious discrimination, such as violent extremism.

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Rev. Dr. Nathan C. Walker

The Rev. Dr. Nathan C. Walker is executive director of 1791 Delegates and he serves as the managing director of The Foundation for Religious Literacy and founder of the online learning community, Walker teaches First Amendment law and human rights at Jefferson University and Rutgers Honors College. 

Dr. Kate E. Soules

Dr. Kate E. Soules is an education researcher and curriculum developer specializing in religious literacy and teacher education. Her research interests include teacher education about religion, educators' conceptualizations of religious literacy, and student outcomes in secondary religious studies courses. Dr. Soules is the co-founder and director of the Religion and Education Collaborative (REC), an interdisciplinary network of scholars and practitioners. 

Benjamin P. Marcus

Benjamin P. Marcus is a Freedom Forum fellow. From 2017-2020 he served as the religious literacy specialist with the Religious Freedom Center of the Freedom Forum, where he developed religious literacy programs for public schools, universities, businesses, and government organizations. His research and publications examine the intersection of education, religious literacy, and religious liberty in the United States.

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