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What do students think about the project?
What do students think about the project?

I felt really proud to share my story because my family dynamic is nothing of the norm. I felt it was important to share my viewpoint to the class because maybe they will see how my views on things are different based on my experiences.


I’m excited to see how the students involved with the production are featured and how their lives are different outside the World Religions classroom.


As educators in public schools, we need to do a better job of equipping them with the language and the skills not to know the answers to every question, but to know how to critically ask the questions in a respectful way.


I really want to see religious, cultural, and political literacy become an embedded part of our culture, and big changes like that start in the classroom. This documentary does not only tell a unique story, but I am certain that it carries the ability to spark motivation and a need for change in those

who watch it.

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-Ayse Eldes

Allison is one of the most respectful, welcoming, and intellectually curious people I've interacted with. Her sense of inquiry and enjoyment in storytelling through camera was refreshing. She worked well with students, instantly establishing a personal connection with those with which she talked. 

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